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Child Protection Policy
This child protection statement was approved by the CSAIR Board of Trustees on March 21, 2017.

Executive Summary (English)

Executive Summary (Spanish)

Full Policy

Reporting an Incident
To report an incident, please submit this form to the CSAIR Child Safety Committee by emailing, mailing it to 475 West 250th Street, Bronx NY 10471, or dropping it in the slot of the Committee's private, locked mailbox, located in the lower level lobby.

Training Video
A one-hour presentation on child protection by Dr. Victor Vieth, founder and director of the Gundersen National Child Protection Training Center.

Online Resources
Related articles and organizational websites.

Committee Email

Child Abuse Hot Line 

Members of CSAIR:

As much as we would like to believe otherwise, and as hard as it can be to comprehend, all youth-serving institutions have the potential to attract people who might intentionally do harm to children. We read about this in the newspaper too frequently. It is our responsibility to do everything we can to protect our children from danger or abuse.

With that goal in mind, a small committee has been working for over a year to create "Safeguarding Our Children, A Child Protection Statement." This document proactively outlines how we will create a positive and enriching Jewish, educational, spiritual, social, and cultural environment for the children who enter in our doors. It details the steps we are taking to protect children, how our synagogue will respond to violations of our policy and allegations of abuse, and the culture we want to create in our community.

Drafts of the document were shared with experts in the field, psychologists, educators, and lawyers. We are delighted to share that on March 2, 2017 the CSAIR Board of Trustees unanimously endorsed this document.

While the work to create the statement and the process of Board approval were big tasks, the real work lies ahead. It is now time to put that statement into practice. The CSAIR website has been updated to include a page, Safeguarding Our Children, that contains the full policy statement, an executive summary of the statement, background articles, and other information that will facilitate the education and sensitization of our members to this important topic. Additionally, coming this fall we will plan opportunities for raising awareness, for discussion, educational opportunities, and for child abuse prevention training. These guidelines will provide our community with the tools to implement a vital change of culture where every member of our shul family is empowered with the task of ensuring that our children are safe. 

We all understand that adopting a new policy will take time. And this particular one can be difficult to consider and discuss. We look forward to addressing congregants' questions and concerns and taking steps to protect our children.

The members of the Child Protection Committee; Dr. Cliff Nerwen - Chair, Miriam Westheimer - Committee Chair, Russ Hoffman, Rabbi Barry Dov Katz, Emily Meisner, and Mason Voit) welcome your thoughts, reactions, and feedback. The committee members can be contacted at

Jewish tradition cares deeply about children and their welfare. In this spirit, we are deeply committed to safeguarding the young people in our community.

Barry Dov Katz, Rabbi 
Cliff Nerwen, President

Committee Members 
Miriam Westheimer, Committee Chair 
Russ Hoffman 
Rabbi Barry Dov Katz
Emily Meisner
Cliff Nerwen
Mason Voit

Tue, September 21 2021 15 Tishrei 5782