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Minyan & Shabbat Services (During COVID 19)

Please read protocols for attending in person services at CSAIR
At the end of the protocols, you will find a link to sign up for attendance.  

Weekday Shacharit Services
Mondays and Thursdays 7:45 AM

Will be inside and limited to 35 congregants and on Zoom (Totals vary week to week)
Please bring your own tallit and siddur
If needed, click here for a copy of the siddur

Check your email for Zoom credentials or contact us at


Weekday Maariv Services
Sunday through Thursday at 7:30 PM

Weather permitting, afternoon and evening services for 25 people and on Zoom
Siddur - Weekday Afternoon / Mincha
Siddur - Weekday Evening / Maariv

Check your email for Zoom credentials or contact us at

Prayer Services-Tefillot

Daily Minyan

We welcome everyone to our religious services.

The only egalitarian daily minyan between the Upper West Side and Westchester, these 20-45 minute services meet every morning and evening throughout the year.

Morning Minyan (Shaharit)
Monday-Friday mornings – 7:00 AM (9:00 AM on Sundays and some holidays).

Evening Minyan (Maariv)
Evening services are generally held at 7:30 PM, Sunday-Thursday.


Become a Minyan Captain

Minyan Captains needed Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday evenings. Minyan Captains are responsible for the overall functionality of services. Captains are an essential part of  making CSAIR a welcoming and inclusive place by greeting everyone, finding out if anyone has a yarzheit, or if anyone is new to the community. In addition, captains open the building for minyan, make sure there is someone to lead services, and help ensure there is a minyan of ten people. It is a vital volunteer position to make sure we have daily minyan. To find out more please email Rabbi Greenberg


Main Sanctuary Services

Shabbat Morning Service (Shaharit/Musaf)
Our Shabbat morning services are held in our Main Sanctuary, starting at 9:00 AM. The service includes the entire Torah portion reading for the week, traditional prayer, a weekly Torah commentary, the commemoration and celebration of lifecycle events, and a sermon. We encourage congregational participation in all aspects of our Shabbat services. Kiddush follows Shabbat and Festival services. 

Shabbat Afternoon Service (Minha/Maariv/Havdalah)
Shabbat afternoon services start at the same time as candlelighting the previous day.

Shaharit – 9:00 AM
Call the office for the schedule.

Text Wrestlers
Join the discussion as Dr. Diane Sharon, scholar of Hebrew Bible, Comparative Religions, and ancient Near Eastern Literature, leads an exploration of the weekly Torah portion. 
Saturdays, 11:00 AM 

Minyan Kivinu
This service focuses on full traditional liturgy incorporating spirited singing and minimal interruptions during the service. The goal will be to create a sense of intense focus on the davvening. Both Siddur Sim Shalom and the Koren Siddur will be available for use by participants along with the Humash Etz Hayim. At the end of services there will be a 30-minute shiur (class) on a topic of interest. 
Services begin at 9:00 AM

Yiddish Vinkl
Informal classroom style Yiddish conversations held monthly the third Shabbat of the month after Kiddush with an array of members. Enjoy the joys of Yiddish with a group that meets to schmooze together.
Charles Pripas, Coordinator. Open to all who speak Yiddish or like to try.

Hug Ivri
CSAIR's monthly Hebrew discussion group meets following Kiddush the second Shabbat of the month to talk about politics, literature current events, and more.  Dr. Yaakov Taitz, Coordinator.  Open to all Hebrew speakers. 

Shabbat Afternoon
As the sun sets, join us for a short afternoon service, study of the Tanakh/Bible, and discussion followed by the evening service and Havdalah (one hour before candle lighting time).



Lechu Neranena

See calendar for dates

The Friday night experience can be very powerful with a lot of people singing together. Check out these Lechu Neranena - Let's Sing! Tunes, recorded by former CSAIR Intern, Rabbi Adam Baldachin and come ready to sing along. See you at shul!

Zamru Lashem   Yedid Nefesh   Romemu   Psalm 96 Shiru Lashe   Mizmor LeDavid   Lechu Nerana-Nusach   Lecha Dodi



CSAIR Sings: Ruach Shabbat

Ruach Shabbat is a once a month, family friendly Friday night experience including a Kabbalat Shabbat service and dinner. We bring in the peace and joy of Shabbat by singing along, dancing, hearing stories and eating together with friends and family. Our teens lead an activity for the kids after they are finished eating and then the teens have their own after-party. Cantor Stevens, Rabbi Katz, Mason Voit Director of Education and Jewish Family Life, and Roni Tabick (Rabbinic Intern) all contribute to make each Ruach Shabbat a beautiful celebration of Shabbat.

See calendar for dates

Hear our Hebrew School students singing along with Cantor Stevens on these recordings of some of our favorite prayers from Ruach Shabbat service. CDs will be available free of charge as well, please call the office if you would like a copy.

CSAIR Sings: Ruach Shabbat was recorded and produced by Brian Gelfand. Vocals by Cantor Elizabeth Stevens, students of CSAIR's Marsh Dane Stern Hebrew School, and parents. Instrumental accompaniment and additional vocals provided by Brian Gelfand.  Special thanks to Mason Voit.

Print Music

Download Music

Oseh Shalom
(Shlomo Carlebach)

Shiru Shir
(Shira Klein)

Yismechu Hashamayim

Lecha Dodi

Ahavat Olam
(Debbie Friedman)

Shema & Ve'ahavta
(S. Sulzer, Torah Chant)

Mi Chamocha
(Debbie Friedman)

Shalom Rav
(Jeff Klepper &
Dan Freelander)

Shalom Aleichmem
(Schmuel Brazil)

(Moshe Ben Ari)

Download from iTunes - click here

Sun, October 25 2020 7 Cheshvan 5781