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CSAIR Movie Night: Crossing Delancy
Monday, October 25 at 8 PM

This month’s movie is one of the NYC Jewish classics, especially for Baby Boomers,  Crossing Delancy (1988) Guss’ Pickles, Kossars, Seward Park HS, Gertels, Essex Street.  Do these places ring a bell? What memories do you have? Join us and participate in this nostalgic time-warp trip back to the Jewish LES. 

**As always, please watch the movie in advance of our discussion on zoom.**

Crossing Delancy is available to watch:
Streaming free on HBOMAX,  For rent on Amazon, For rent on YouTube, For rent on Apple TV

Movie Review:

'Crossing Delancey' now 30 years old, was the ultimate Jewish rom-com


Check your email for Zoom credentials or contact

The Kids Are Finally Asleep with Rabbi Greenberg, Mason Voit, and Guest Host Susan Schwartz
Thursday, October 28, 9:00 PM

Tired after a long day of parenting and working? Join Rabbi Greenberg, Mason Voit, and Susan Schwartz to talk about helping your kids build responsibility and independence and how to navigate socializing with other kids with differing pandemic protocols. Susan Schwartz is a learning specialist, child development specialist, and Head of Admissions for the Shefa School. 


Register for classes and additional details here!

Check out this educational series from JTS, the RA, and UCSJ that we are co-sponsoring! You can attend any and all of the 8 series between October and June for free with the code: CSAIR21.

Series 1: Torah Relationships - Wednesdays, 8:00 PM
Wednesday, October 13
Liza Bernstein, “Gendered Gaps: Remembering Sarah Where She is Most Erased” 

Wednesday, October 20
Rabbi Bradley Artson, Loving Peace, One Person at a Time

Wednesday, October 27
Rabbi Elliot Dorff, “The Dysfunctional Families of Genesis: What They -- and Later Jewish Law -- Tell Us About How *Not* to Treat Our Parents, Siblings, and Children”

Series 2: Ethics - Tuesdays, 1:00 PM
Tuesday, November 2
Rabbi Prof. David Golinkin, “Risking One’s Life to Save Another: Required or Forbidden by Jewish Law?”

Tuesday, November 9
Rabbi Avi Novis Deutsch, “Can a Halakha be Immoral?”

Tuesday, November 16
Rabbi Dr. Reb Mimi Feigelson, “Moral Dilemmas in the Teachings of the Mei Hashiloah, Reb Mordechai Yosef Lainer of Ishbitza”

Tuesday, November 23
Rabbi Chaya Rowen Baker, “’Leshon Hara’ (Gossip and Slander): An Age-Old Ethical Challenge” 

Email Rabbi Greenberg with any questions.

Memories In Glass: Dedicating our new Shoah Memorial Windows
Tuesday, November 9 at 8:00 PM

Join Rabbi Katz, Rabbi Greenberg, and Cantor Stevens for an evening dedicating our new Shoah memorial windows while we mark the anniversary of Kristallnacht. 

In-person and on Livestream.

Fall Discussion Group

We’re planning a fall discussion group over several months of The New Jewish Canon: Ideas and Debates 1980-2015, co-edited by CSAIR member Yehuda Kurtzer. The book presents short original essays by Jewish leaders, followed by equally short commentaries on each piece. Topics include: 

  • Jewish Politics and the Public Square 

  • History, Memory, and Narrative

  • Religion and Religiosity 

  • Identities and Communities 

Please sign up to indicate your interest, and we’ll contact you about scheduling shortly.

Addressing Racism: Transforming Awareness Into Action

We hope to achieve greater sensitivity to and language for talking about racism but we also want to take concrete actions. We recognize that many Jews have parallel identities – one that benefits from white privilege (for those Jews who are white) and one that has a history of oppression, antisemitism. The internal work will focus on gaining a deeper understanding of this duality, both its benefits and its complications, and exploring how we can use our unique Jewish sensitivity to oppression to work against racism. We are on this journey together as a congregation. We hope to move forward thoughtfully, constructively, and with care. Whatever your knowledge base, background, or political affiliation, we are all learning together and we welcome you to join us.

Learn More



Torah for Today
with Rabbi Katz and Rabbi Greenberg
(Programming resumes Wednesday, October 27th)

For generations, Jews have lived their lives in conversation with Parshat HaShavua, the weekly Torah reading. Reading about the relationships of our ancestors to each other offered us a perspective on our own families. Hearing how the ancient Israelites became a nation, gave us the language to talk about the Jewish people and our place in the world. Questions about God, morality, leadership. what it means to be a human being and live a good life are all raised in the sweep of the year’s Torah reading cycle.

Each week we will look at selections from the Parshat HaShavua for the coming weekend along with ancient and modern commentary. Our learning will focus on deep understanding and connecting the themes of the weekly reading to what is going on today in our lives.

No experience is necessary. All texts are provided in English along with Hebrew. 

Sponsored by the CSAIR Sisterhood.

Contact for more information.


Yiddish Vinkl
Sundays, 10:00 AM (approximately 90 minutes)
Enjoy the joys of Yiddish with a group that meets to schmooze together.
For more information and to confirm meeting dates, email
Charlie Goldfischer.


Hug Ivri
Sundays, 11:00 AM
A Hebrew discussion group to talk about politics, literature, current events, and more.
For more information and to confirm meeting dates, email
Yaakov Taitz.

programming for youth - teens

Contact Mason Voit for more information

Communal Art Project!

Contact Mason Voit for more information.

There are so many foods associated with our Jewish experiences. They are connected to holidays and lifecycle celebrations. They remind us of people who are part of our Jewish lives and evoke powerful memories. These foods nourish our souls.

This community art project will focus on these themes.  We hope that collaborating on this project will bring us closer despite our physical distance and that when we return to our shul building, this art will remind us of our connection to one another and our Jewish tradition.  

Here's what we asked of participation:

What are the flavors, colors, smells? What experiences or memories are associated with these foods? Where and when did you prepare or eat this? Were you a child, at home, at a relative’s home, in a sukkah, at a Shabbat meal, in shul?

Think about how to represent this food and what it means to you. You may choose to take a photo of the food, preparing it, or of the ingredients. You may find an image online or from a book or magazine. You can draw it or paint it or write down the recipe. You can create a poem about it or write a descriptive paragraph about it. How you document this is your artistic choice. You can combine any of these suggestions or come up with your own!

Our Artist in Residence and
the Goal for the Art Project

Joy Langer is a teaching artist and member of our Hebrew School staff. She will create a slideshow gallery of the submissions and a mixed media work/collage comprised of our submissions in the project. We plan to share the piece when it is complete and have it ready to display when we are back in the shul building. Eventually, it will live in the kitchen, a place that we hope continues to be a place of gathering, learning, and community spirit.

You can see some of Joy’s work
here and on our Hebrew School Facebook page.

Thank you for being part of this project.

Barry Dov Katz, Rabbi
Mason Voit, Director of Jewish Education and Family Life
Joy Langer, Teaching Artist

Emunah Groups 2.0

Emunah groups have formed around a particular common interest and are welcoming new members. They meet approximately once a month.

Theater and music facilitated by Deborah Lupkin Ungar
Cooking/baking facilitated by Leona Chudy
Literature facilitated by Sharon Kern-Taub

Please email Abby Pitkowsky to be added to any of these groups.


Community Emergency Resource Guide
The Riverdale Clergy Conference has put together a document with resources for the community to utilize during this pandemic. The resources compiled in the document deal with many issues including domestic violence, worker's rights, childcare, financial needs, food assistance, housing, mental health resources, and more. Please click here.

Mon, October 25 2021 19 Cheshvan 5782