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Open Beit Midrash: Contentious Community
Saturday, February 29 at 12:15 PM

Whether you already love to study traditional Jewish texts or you've never done so but are curious to explore, we hope you'll join us for an open beit midrash to experience lively, interactive Jewish text-study and conversation. The theme of our learning will be traditional sources that speak about disagreement in the context of community:

  • What does healthy disagreement look like?
  • What kinds of disagreements are not healthy?
  • How does disagreement strengthen, and how does it threaten community? 

At the conclusion of services, we'll kick the program off with an opening talk by Rabbi Dahlia Kronish, followed by kiddush and then a menu of small-group sessions in the Hebrew School wing.

Rabbi Avi Kilip- "Knowing When to Give in" Room 2

 Eric Fisher-"Truth Requires Disagreement" Room 3

Rabbi Josh Cahan: "Community in Conflict: Whose side is God on?"  Room 8.

and a closing session with Rabbi Katie Greenberg.

Mason Voit and Elisa Marcus will be leading sessions for kids ages 5-11.

Fri, February 28 2020 3 Adar 5780